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Art Theft, Part 2: AliExpress & Alibaba

↓ ↓ ↓ This post has moved to! Please direct all comments to the new location. ↑ ↑ ↑ If you’ve found counterfeits of your pins online, chances are it started on AliExpress or Alibaba. Because many online sellers … Read More

Art Theft, Part 1: A Really Big List

I strongly believe that when more artists actively defend their copyright, infringement will decrease over time. There need to be real consequences for committing art theft. That’s why I’ve assembled this handy list of reporting links for major online retailers. Happy reporting!… Read More

Wireless Label Printing, Hooray!

Hey fellow small biz owners! Sick of plugging in your label printer every time you want to print shipping labels? I had my Dymo 4XL label printer right next to the computer and it was a drag. I’m moving to … Read More

Put a Cork in It

So a couple of weeks ago, I ran out of space on my bulletin board for new pins. I knew I had to find a new storage solution for my enamel pin collection, but all my ideas either required an … Read More

Freebie: Neko Atsume Cross Stitch Patterns!

Who else has been playing Neko Atsume like there’s no tomorrow? Now that you’ve collected a bunch of cats in the game, how about collecting them in cross-stitch? I’ve seen some patterns available for sale online, but very few for free. … Read More

Square Business Cards on the Cheap

Okay, I know it’s very American Psycho to geek out over business cards, but they’re a pretty important part of my operation. I hand them out, of course, I’ve used them for coupon codes, and every order I ship gets … Read More

I Made a Coloring Book!

1. PrehistoryIf you’d told me three months ago that I would imagine, illustrate, and publish a whole coloring book by the end of the summer, I wouldn’t have believed you. Not because I haven’t always wanted to make a coloring book (I … Read More

Website complete! Now with 50% more dinosaurs.

Hey, look! Our new website is finally complete. Well, I guess you’d have to be looking, otherwise you wouldn’t see this post. Anyway, we are very excited to show off our new space. We’ve got online ordering and all kinds of fancy stuff, … Read More