Square Business Cards on the Cheap

Okay, I know it's very American Psycho to geek out over business cards, but they're a pretty important part of my operation. I hand them out, of course, I've used them for coupon codes, and every order I ship gets a little business card with a quick "thank-you" written on it. Square business cards are a great advertising tool for your business, since they tend to stand out from standard business cards. (Especially if you make them obnoxiously bright like mine.)

I've shared photos of my cards a couple of times on Instagram, and lots of you have asked where I get them. Well, here's my secret: I order inexpensive 4x6" postcards, then cut them into six squares! Super economical (they average out to 4¢ per card, including shipping) and I can have six unique designs. This is so simple that it's barely a tutorial, but hey...

1. Design a 4x6" postcard, front and back. Remember to account for edge trimming when centering each of your 6 sections.
2. Choose a printing company and order your postcards ((I use Nextdayflyers.com, but there are a ton of companies that do inexpensive postcards. I usually order 100 postcards, which makes 600 business cards.))
3. Cut 'em into sixths! ((Not with scissors, silly, that'd take forever. Use a paper cutter.)) Your final business cards will be 2x2" square.

If you'd rather buy your square cards pre-made, there are also a bunch of options:

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