Freebie: Neko Atsume Cross Stitch Patterns!

Who else has been playing Neko Atsume like there's no tomorrow? Now that you've collected a bunch of cats in the game, how about collecting them in cross-stitch?

I've seen some patterns available for sale online, but very few for free. And we all like free stuff, right?1 Here's the deal: I've designed cross-stitch patterns for all 34 regular Neko Atsume cats, five adorable poses each. (Standing, sitting, turkey (arms tucked in), cat loaf, and the ever-popular cat butt.) They're in PDF format, so just download and get stitching!

The pattern includes basic cross-stitch instructions, supply list, and cross-stitch charts with both color coding and symbols. Perfect for beginners and experts alike. Patterns are up-to-date as of June 2016, and I will add new cats as they are released. Rare cats and alternate poses coming in a future update!2

All of the patterns make a finished project under 2.5 inches wide. You can change up the size by using smaller or larger-count aida. Here's Misty, in a cute 3" embroidery hoop. I stitched her on 18-count aida with two strands of floss per color.


Neko Atsume copyright © 2014-2017 Hit-Point Co., Ltd. Cross stitch pattern designed by Serena Epstein / Oh Plesiosaur.

Creative Commons License
These patterns are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). 表示 - 非営利 - 継承 4.0 国際 (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

That means you can use or modify them for personal projects, but you cannot sell these patterns or any works produced from it. If you repost or share these patterns, you must give credit to Oh Plesiosaur and link back to this page.

Phew! So here are the patterns. Like these? Comment below or follow me on Instagram to share your kitty stitches!



Apricot / くりーむとらさん
Bandit / さびがらさん
Bolt / きじとらさん
Breezy / しろきじさん
Callie / みけさん
Cocoa / ちゃはちさん
Dottie / しろみけさん
Fred / ちゃとらさん
Gabriel / はちわれさん
Ganache / ちょこさん
Ginger / あかげさん
Gozer / とーびーさん
Lexy / はいしろさん
Mack / しろとらさん
Marshmallow / ぽいんとさん
Misty / さばとらさん
Patches / ぶちさん
Peaches / くりーむさん
Pepper / おっどさん
Pickles / しろさばさん
Princess / むぎわらさん
Pumpkin / しろちゃとらさん
Rascal / はいはちさん
Shadow / はいいろさん
Smokey / くろねこさん
Snowball / しろねこさん
Socks / くつしたさん
Speckles / くろぶちさん
Spooky / はいさびさん
Spots / しろくろさん
Spud / あかさびさん
Sunny / とびみけさん
Tabitha / しまみけさん
Willie / くろとらさん

Tubbs / まんぞくさん


310 (black)
white (white)
169 (light pewter)
413 (dark pewter gray)
676 (light old gold)
976 (medium golden brown)
728 (topaz)
3863 (medium mocha beige)
3823 (ultra pale yellow)
402 (very light mahogany)
3776 (light mahogany)
3846 (light bright turquoise)
435 (very light brown)
433 (medium brown)

✓ Aida cloth (14/16/18-count)
✓ Embroidery floss (DMC)
✓ Tapestry needle (24 or 28)
✓ Scissors
✓ Embroidery hoop
✓ These patterns



  1. Plus, Neko Atsume is copyrighted and people should not be selling it. Please don't support copyright violation! 

  2. If you have any requests, share them in the comment section! 

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